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Email Down ALERT

Receive an instant alert if your email system is down or slow for any reason.

Monitors your entire email system without installing any software on your end.

The only way to know that email is working is by sending and receiving a test email. Email Down ALERT does this automatically.

Since it is completely web-based, it is easy to use.

Blacklist ALERT

Alerts you immediately if your email server is blacklisted.

Being on a blacklist can be frustrating and cost money, lost productivity, increased help desk calls, and irritated users.

Don't wait until your users call you to learn that you are on a blacklist, subscribe now.

Free Online Tools

A free collection of online tools (creatively named "The Toolbox"), including a blacklist checker.

The tools help you quickly diagnose and fix email and network related problems.

  All FREE Tools - Use "The Toolbox"
  Blacklist Checker (Most popular!)

Free Tools   More Free Online Tools

Blacklist Check  IP or Host Name

Is your email server on any known blacklist?

Send Test Email  Email Address

Are there probems sending to an email address?

DNS Lookups  DNS or Host Name

Perform advanced DNS lookups.

Whois  Domain Name

Whois lookup (RFC-954 compliant)