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Email Down ALERT

Email Down ALERT is a web-based monitoring service that helps prevent, predict, and quickly identify problems with your email system without any software or hassle.

Why Email Down ALERT?

Email has become a mission critical part of doing business. A host of different problems can cause your email system to stop working (for example, a misconfigured or broken firewall, mis-behaving anti-spam software, or a full hard drive).

The only way to know that email is working is to send and receive a test email. Email Down Alert automates this process without any software on your end.

Email Down ALERT is a complete email monitoring solution that can completely monitor any email system quickly and easily!


  • Instant alert if your email system is down or slow
  • No software required on your end, only a simple auto-responder rule
  • Works with all major email systems (Exchange, IMail, Lotus, Groupwise, Gmail, etc)
  • Works with any security system (all firewalls, anti-spam software, etc.)
  • Up and running in about 15 minutes
  • Monitors performance and email response times
  • Alerts if anything (firewall, antispam software, DNS, etc.) is preventing email flow.
  • Configurable roundtrip threshold.

How it works

  • Every 5 minutes (for example) we send an email to your email system.
  • Your email system autoreplies.
  • If the email doesn't come back you are immediately notified of the problem.

Complete Protection

Many different problems can slow down or stop email in its tracks. Email Down ALERT ensures that your email is flowing and works no matter how simple or complex your email system. You can even monitor multiple email servers in different locations easily.

Email Down ALERT works with and alerts on problems with any of the following:

  • Any firewall
  • Any anti-spam software or appliance
  • Third-party Anti-spam Systems
  • Antivirus Software
  • Email Server Problems
  • Internal or External DNS Problems
  • Internet Outages

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