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Are your company's emails getting blocked?

We offer two ways to check if your email server is blacklisted:

Blacklist Alert

Staring at just $3 per month, this super-easy to use web-based service automatically alerts you if your IP is found on any blacklist.


  • 30-Day Free Trial for new customers
  • Completely web based
  • Easy to use. Just type in an IP and email address and click save.

Business Case

  • Just one computer having a virus on your network can get you blacklisted. This can costs hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix and can damage your company's internet reputation and block your company's emails worldwide.

  • Even after a problem is fixed on your end, it can take hours or days to get off of a blacklist.
  • Don't wait until your emails start getting blocked.

How it works:

Blacklist Alerts are available in three service levels Basic, Standard and Mission Critical.

Each one checks your server against every known blacklist at some interval.

The difference between the three service levels is how often the your IP is checked. For example, the Basic runs only once per day and is $3 per month, the Mission Critical runs every half hour and costs a little more. See the pricing page for details.

Free Tools

Blacklist Check  IP or Host Name

Is your email server on any known blacklist?

Send Test Email  Email Address

Are there probems sending to an email address?

DNS Lookups  DNS or Host Name

Perform advanced DNS lookups.

Whois  Domain Name

Whois lookup (RFC-954 compliant)